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What is Reefer on Call

Reefer on call is the only dedicated Saltwater and Coral Reef Aquarium advise and theory craft support center.  We offer a live support chat and call features that allow you to have an experienced reefer on call at your finger tips.

While today there is more information at our finger tips than every before, verifying and trusting such easy to come by information is at an all time low. While Forums and Reefing groups offer tons of advice, but how do you know its even decent?  Is their tank laying in ruins as they advice you how to treat yours?  With combined 30 years of experience in the aquarium hobby and a track record you can trust, allow us to be your support system as you progress through the hobby.

We all know this hobby is expensive!  A tank crash can cost thousands, if not tens of thousands.  For the cost of a coral frag monthly, you can have dedicated one on one support to assist in minimizing costly mistakes and losses.

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